The Importance Of Horror Movies

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For many people, horror movies are a frightful experience. If this is true, then why is horror such a successful movie genre? Do people like to be scared? In this essay, the answer to this question will be investigated, as well as what businesses can do to enhance the movie experience based on the answer. Why do people like horror movies? There are 2 main reasons: one is to experience fear that others must face, and to experience chemical rushes. Fear is a feeling that we are only half- aware of since the fact stands that the majority of Americans lack exposure to traumatic events. Horror movies give you that full fear experience without anyone actually getting hurt. Poorer nations have no choice apart from facing the horrors of life that…show more content…
In fact, only 10 percent of the human population turns fear into pleasure (The Psychology of Horror- Why do we Watch Horror Films, 1). What other factors separate horror movie fans from those who don 't prefer horror movies? A few brains take dopamine and put it into pleasure and relief. Other’s brains will take the dopamine and experience anxiety and fear rather than pleasure. Mature adults will know that they are safe when watching a scary movie, however, young children have a harder time realizing that. Young children furthermore have difficulty distinguishing between reality and fantasy (Koutsidis, 1). People who like horror movies tend to have 2 traits: one is sensation-seeking, which is watching horror movies simply for the thrill, and enlarged aggression…show more content…
There are three main horror film trends in cycle right now. The first is Splatter Horror, which emphasizes gore and violence. This is the newest cycle. (A Brief History of Horror, 1). After 9/11, both American soldiers and enemy soldiers were being tortured, causing the splatter horror genre to find itself in our theaters (Braga, 1). During the mid-2000’s, the splatter horror movie genre was extremely popular. Its popularity has died down, however, it still remains one of the more popular horror movie genres being made today (Mark, 1). The second cycle is called the Found Footage cycle, which emphasizes first-person view to formulate the horror so it is more “realistic” and therefore more scary (A Brief History of Horror, 1). Found footage horror is when a handheld camera is used to do the filming. This is so popular since it is used in real life so often in the news whenever filming a real tragic event. This additionally reflects the real life horrors in our world today . The first movie of that genre was 1999’s The Blair Witch Project, and it has surged in popularity ever since (Braga, 1). The second most recent cycle is the Zombie Cycle, which emphasizes medical disasters causing humans to turn into undead creatures and the breakdown of society (A Brief History of Horror,
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