The Importance Of Honey Bee

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Background and Rationale: It is well known that Honey Bees are of much importance in today 's society. In fact this article hits the nail on the head in terms of their importance. The article mentions that animal pollinators are essential to our daily living, in terms of their reliance on production of fruits and other crops (Verlang-Springer 2010). Interestingly enough, the numbers which represent animal pollinators in comparison to other pollinators is lower: 35% vs. 65%(Verlang-Springer 2010), which would suggest that they are of less importance. However, that is most certainly not the case as previously mentioned, fruits and vegetables are of utmost importance for Human beings and their survival. The loss "of wild pollinators are of increasing…show more content…
Honey Bees became of no relevance in the 1990s as many people gave up beekeeping due to economic reasons(Verlang-Springer 2010). Thus, insecurities came to exist in regards to Beekeeping and management, in relations to a further economic problems which people were not willing to take on at the same time. Moreover, more light was shed due on Honey Bee declines in regards to winter storms and losses (Verlang-Springer 2010). Not only have these been indentified factors in regards to Bee colony declines but also declines in Honey bees in general, as well as other animal…show more content…
The main concluding statement was the fact that there was no one universal factor that explains the decline in Honey Bees, throughout all the research provided. Despite that fact, as previously mentioned, there was a large amounts of factors involved (From Pathogens, to Weather Conditions, etc). Making the possible extinction of Honey bees not necessarily typical, but rather a bit bewildering. However, on a specific side of the subject, in terms of Bee colonies, the author believes that if "unusual colony losses" were to be explained in the future, research would have to be moved to further measures such as: "molecular bee pathology focussing on host(Vector)-pathogen"(Verlang-Springer 2010). As not all colony 's are explainable despite what the author and other researchers may know or have known at a point in

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