The Importance Of Homosexuality In Religion

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In modern society, people often look to other to define who they should be, what they should look like, or even how they think. Often time, religion seem to play a big part in these discussions. Homosexuality being one of the main topics discussed and why it’s wrong within religion. Having someone telling others what to think and who to love is wrong. Even though, same sex marriage is legal throughout America, homosexuality would never be accepted nor justified within religion. A lot of cultures take homosexuality in a different light, though for many centuries, homosexuality plus religion have been argued to be sinful. That it’s either or, one could be with homosexual and religious. The real question is why homosexuality is wrong in the…show more content…
The split is between 85 million members strong from both Liberals and Conservatives. Thousands of followers from Anglican churches threaten to leave and join churches that agree with views regarding to allow gays to join and marry within churches. Samuel Freedman author of “Push Within Faiths for Same-Sex Marriage Gets Little Attention” states an quote from Dr. Maguire, “We have no moral right to declare marriage off limits to persons whom God has made gay, We have no right to say that marriage, with all of its advantages and beauty, is a reward for being heterosexual." Dr. Maguire agrees, marriage equality is for everyone and there should be no reason to oppress gays. Regardless of their choices, they’re still children of our God. According to the United States Conference of Catholic being homophile is "Profoundly immoral and unjust” It’s declared to be emphatic and unalterable for leaders of religion to be accepting of same-sex couples. A Rowan County, Ky., court clerk would soon agree with these statement. After the Supreme Court’s ruling on marriage equality, Kim Davis refuses to issue a marriage license to a same-sex couple. Davis have been refusing marriage licenses for months. Standing that God holds authority above the law of the land and directly defying the Supreme Court. Davis 's lawyers argued that forcing her to issue licenses to same-sex couples will infringe on her First Amendment right to freedom of religion. Davis, will continue to deny marriage licenses until her voice is heard. Professor Bix states “I 'm surprised she hasn 't been held in contempt yet”. Ms. Davis actions should lead her into prison. Many agree that the Law is king and religion is to be limited within the

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