The Importance Of Homelessness In Education

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On a single night in January of 2013, 610,042 people were on the streets with no place to sleep in the United States (Henry). These people struggle to find food every day and struggle to find somewhere to sleep every night. Within this group a lot of students in school are dealing with being homeless, which hugely affects how they learn and how their brain works. At their age, kids have no way to control whether they are homeless or not and most of the time struggle in the classroom. Society tells us that education is vital from kindergarten through high school and for one to succeed they need it. According to Open Door Mission the average age of a homeless person is nine years old (Open Door Mission). A nine year old would be in the second…show more content…
Teachers are challenged when teaching subjects due to each student being on a different level and making sure all of them are learning. Some ways a teacher might be able to tell if a student is homeless is by the student always being tired. Some students struggle to find a place to sleep, then do not get the recommended hours of sleep for them to function throughout the whole day. Most say that it is the student’s responsibility to learn and understand the material. However teachers should focus on these students more due to them having a big disadvantage to the other students. One way teachers can help this group is to “facilitate continuity of schooling”, which means make the classroom a stable place to be in and encourage these students more than others (Rafferty). When students feel comfortable in a place they will be more alert and be active in the classroom instead of feeling like an…show more content…
While this information is a couple years old, one can infer that the number is even bigger today. The community can play a big role helping homeless kids by offering programs that assist them with their essential needs. While cities have created some programs to assist homeless children, they need more. The Department of Housing and Urban Development conducted a one-day count of homeless people that “encompasses shelters, as well as parks, underpasses, vacant lots and other locales” (Crary). The shocking result is that on a single night in January 2013 was 610,042 homeless people and 130,515 were children. Furthermore, communities need to find a place for all of those children so they can go to school everyday and

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