The Importance Of Home Life

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One’s childhood plays a vital role in shaping a person’s life. One’s home environment shapes a person throughout their entire life, and a stable home life makes a person feel safe and shapes who they are. Many clichés exist describing the home such as, “the home is where the heart is,” and I tend to agree with this perspective. I have been extremely blessed my whole life with an incredible and loving family and stable home life. We all can get caught up in today 's society with being unsatisfied because we want bigger and better, but my parents have really worked hard to help me appreciate what blessings we have been given. The home I grew up in gave me stability and helped me feel confident in the fact that my family was always there…show more content…
They told me this daily. They both made tremendous sacrifices to make sure my brother and I always had the best opportunity to be successful. They put us into a private Christian school our freshmen year of high school, and while we hated this move at first, we grew to appreciate our parents for seeing this move as key to a brighter future for us. They knew what was best for us, and while we could not see this at first, they pressed on. My parents always knew what was best; even when I disagreed in the moment, I later saw the wisdom in their…show more content…
Both loved me unconditionally, and both strived to allow me to reach my full potential. They both possess unique attributes that shaped who I am today. I looked up to my dad for his undeniable work ethic. He showed me what it meant to do whatever it took to provide a happy life for his family. His late nights and early mornings at his work showed me his love in ways that he could not even imagine. He was also involved with me in sports. He taught me how to be tough. You are going to get knocked down in life, it 's the getting back up that is important. He always told me, “when life gets tough, get tougher; and he says that he is very proud that we perform our best when the stakes are highest.” Nothing anyone has told me has shaped my life more than that. Whenever I experience adversity, I hear my dad’s voice, and I find the motivation to overcome the
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