The Importance Of Historical Fiction In A Farewell To Arms

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Throughout the twentieth century a wide variety of novels began to hit the shelves of bookstores in America. Books written about anything from dystopian futures to memoirs of recent years past filled the bookshelves of Americans during the time period. Historical fiction seems to be the most significant of these genres, however, as it teaches people of the past to educate them for a better future. Men learn from their past mistakes, and when man’s mistakes are told as tales, one is more inclined to listen if the story entertains him. This is why historical fiction contributes the most to the combined literary effort of the twentieth century.

Ernest Hemingway was one of the authors who contributed to this flood of historical fiction during
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Another novel by author John Steinbeck, Of Mice and Men, uses a prolific amount of symbolism and allegory to tell a story of retribution and pain characteristic of the time period in America during the Great Depression. Another famous novel of the time period was The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, which told tales of a knave boy and his adventures with a runaway slave, captivating audiences young and old. These three novels all contribute vastly to the genre of historical fiction, as the stories told in the books may not necessarily be true, however they take place in real settings. A Farewell to Arms takes place in Europe, while Of Mice and Men and Huckleberry Finn both take place in America. The literary merit of these works alone is outstanding, with all of the authors contributing their own unique styles of writing combining metaphors, figurative language, and intense storytelling to create masterpieces of American…show more content…
It is a tale of a man who goes through hell and back fighting in one of the world’s worst wars, and shows a bloody, gruesome picture of life in a war zone. This novel, of course dealing with sensitive topics also handles those topics very appropriately, not censoring or leaving out words or scenarios when they’re applicable. It gives the reader a real sense of what is happening in the book, as it is very descriptive and does not favor leaving out details. A Farewell to Arms is superior to the other novels mentioned simply by its intensity; of course, all three novels mentioned above tell great stories, and do it quite well. However, Hemingway’s storytelling trumps that of Steinbeck or Twain. Hemingway’s matter of fact storytelling accompanied by his often nihilistic tellings of reality make for a story that is compelling to readers as well as being considered a great novel of the 20th century. A Farewell to Arms delivers a beautiful yet gruesome take on the state of the world during the Great War, and deserves to be titled the best American novel of the 20th