The Importance Of Higher Education

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Have you ever asked your average American for the easiest way to financial wealth? He would probably answer with one plan in mind: a Higher Education Degree. But where does its value come from? Is it valued for its physical credentials or its enhancing experiences on the individual? What defines its purpose as Higher Education? While many individuals might define Higher Education as a financial investment, Higher Education true definition roots to a societal investment that returns the collective goal of nurturing active and professional citizens to advance the future of society; it is the level of education that requires the collaboration of willing individuals and institutions to take place effectively. Contrary to the perception of society,…show more content…
Higher Education provides the ability for individuals to unleash their true powers with respect to their interests and thus, creates specialized individuals. In such a way, individuals become filled by the knowledge and expertise needed to in order to advance true research and innovations (Voosen). Additionally, this role of Higher Education also gives society the chance to identify people with new identities based on their respected professions rather than their socioeconomic status (Voosen). Thereby, Higher Education creates a diverse society that is dependent on its various…show more content…
Higher Education requires the willing collaboration of both its students and institutions to take place effectively. If the students are pursuing Higher Education for materialistic gain or prestige, then they have failed their societal mission and so wouldn’t come out as active individuals. Similarly, if colleges prioritize their personal missions of politics or finance over their societal ones, then they leave their standing as Higher Education institutions. For example, many colleges and universities adopt a closed mindset on certain beliefs in order to secure other intended goals such as financial donations or credential affiliations (Will). As a result, many of their true students feel the need to conform to their mainstream beliefs in order to avoid any dissonance in their experiences and thus, graduate as inactive individuals with the notion that their beliefs are intolerable (Will). In such a case, it is not the students who have failed society but rather the colleges and the same thing could happen vice versa. Therefore, it is to be concluded that Higher Education only takes place when students and colleges prioritize their societal mission over any

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