The Importance Of Hidden Secrets In Salvation By Kate Chopin

Buried Secrets
In these two stories, hidden feelings play a big role in both characters lives. Langston Hughes, the main character of “Salvation”, brings to light the importance of hidden secrets. In a similar way, Kate Chopin, achieves her goal of explaining how hidden feelings can change the view from a family 's’ point of view. Its interesting to see how a family can think well about each other but really be hiding secrets, or feelings.
In a family structure it 's normal for one to grieve when a member dies but, in “ The Story of an Hour,” by Kate Chopin, it 's a different story. Mrs. Mallard was a wife to a worker and was very delicate because she had heart trouble and throughout the day she would stay at home with nothing to do. One
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Although it feels good to do the right thing we all know that we want to do what feels good in the moment, and not what will help us for the future. Despite having this knowledge, I still didn 't listen to my mom when she told me to do my project on time. I waited and waited for the last days to come to do my project and next thing I knew it was the morning of the deadline. The very next day my mom asked me how I did on my project, but all I could do is cry because I hadn 't completed it. I didn 't sleep due the endless thoughts of what I could 've done. My mom thought I was crying because I hadn’t slept and was tired. She gave me a hug and said, “I know you 're tired, but I just want to say I 'm very proud of you”. However, that only made me cry harder knowing that I had to keep this secret from my mom, and mask my true feelings. So that day I promised myself that I wouldn 't do it again because I hated the feeling of hidden emotions.
Finally, keeping hidden secrets and feelings from family causes guilt, trouble, and shame. In “Salvation” Langston was hurting because of the truth that he was hiding from his aunt. Mrs. Mallard’s secret feelings died with her, which prevented trouble within her family. These secrets aren 't meant for keeping because it does us no good, they are meant for moving

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