The Importance Of Health Care

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Over the years, the nation has attempted to improve the country economical struggles with different plans such as healthcare plans which can make our country more beneficial. However, issues that started to affect the company growth are that the Health Care cost are going up, Doctor Shortage, Millions of dollars are wasted for unnecessary care and Medical errors. The US health care system has been spiraling out of control and new to be reform thus our nation can become a successful society. In previous years, the healthcare cost was affordable for everyone which gave many individuals chances to have medical insurance providers which can help them with their health. On the Other Hand, the cost has triple over the decade and makes mad it difficult…show more content…
According to Levey theories” Unaffordable deductibles are also emerging as a major issue for health plans being sold on marketplaces created by the Affordable Care Act. The marketplaces, now in their second year, were designed to help people who don’t get health plans through an employer. Most of the nearly 10 million people in marketplace plans qualify for subsidies to offset their premiums, but deductibles in many plans are thousands of dollars (Noam Levey). Overall, the health care cost should be affordable for people because there are many people who don’t have the money to afford higher medical cost while dealing with other financial problems. Here is statistic that shows the different countries that spends on healthcare. Secondly, another issued that society is dealing with today is that, the limit amount of professional occupation such as doctors are not available to support everyone. Many people knew that going in to the medical field would not be easy to complete because of the years of studying following with difficult courses to take. The level of education has increased over the years which make…show more content…
“In 2010, Medicare spent an estimated $48 billion– our tax dollars – on overpayment and waste. But the most tragic victims are people who need medical care but don’t have the money to pay for it”. (Allen), Furthermore, by physician also pay a important role which have an impact on the spending as well. The doctor orders masses of procedures to show that he or she has done their due diligence in diagnosing the patient. Unfortunately, all of these unnecessary tests and procedures lead to unnecessary custodies and cost to the patient. Another example of overtreatment is the use of services or procedures that have a slight benefit over the generic, fewer costly alternative events. When different treatment options provide equal results, but one costs more than the other, healthcare money is often wasted on the more expensive option. Another factor is choosing different healthcare plan. The government will distribute an enormous amount of money to healthcare plan even though many people wouldn’t be able to afford the plan. While the government noticed that many people won’t able to afford the rates, they still providing more money to plans. Studies shown that “6,027 adults ages 19 and older in the U.S., found that a quarter of adults with at least one chronic condition who met the criteria for being underinsured didn’t fill a prescription or skipped doses due to cost, compared with 7 percent of
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