The Importance Of Health And Community Service

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There are variety of organizations and agencies that serve the community and help them in fulfilling basic necessities of life. In order to complete my volunteer hours, I got a chance to engage in William Osler’s Hospital Elder Life program (H.E.L.P). This program helps me in enhancing my communication skills, time management skills and adult care skills. The HELP program is designed to enhance the overall experience for old patients while being in a hospital. Through this assignment, I am going to reflect on my experience of completing volunteer hours, Determinants of health and community resources. Through my experience at William Osler, I came to know that we should not form assumptions and beliefs about the seniors and their abilities. Every individual have different set of beliefs and necessities that should be…show more content…
john ambulance provides community services through their volunteers that further provide essential health services such as first aid and emergency response support. Furthermore, they have Therapy Dog visitation program that helps in bringing comfort and joy in patients at different facilities such as hospitals, long term care, community centers and so on. o Name & address: Canadian Mental Health Association-o Purpose: To maintain and improve mental health and community integration, build resilience and support recovery from mental illness( Canadian Mental Health Association, 2016) o Availability of programs: Public Policy and Advocacy; Mental Health Promotion; Peer Support, Recreation services for people with mental illness and so on.
Canadian Mental Association influences the determinant of health such as housing, justice and focusing on mental health needs of all age groups. This organization promotes mental health and provide advocacy, support for people with mental illness. They have different programs that assist people with employment, housing, peer support throughout their mental illness (Canadian Mental Health Association,

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