The Importance Of Headhip

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Many men today have shun or neglect their headship roles and responsibilities in their homes. Why? They don’t know who they are. They are confuse. Therefore they fail in their duties as head of their homes. Not because they lack the desire to do well but because they have not been coached or mentored to be a real man. Men desperately need directions in order to do well in anything. No one has really taken the time to spell out the directions for men to perform as head of their homes. Men needs guidance and directions. According to Joseph Olan Stubbs (2006) men typically fall into two categories. In our culture now, many men have been taught either directly or indirectly that our misunderstanding of headship is wrong and that men should be more like women. Many men who believe this lie have been emasculated to become more effeminate. Today, men is turning to be more and more women like because our culture has trained them to turn away from being a real man. Men have bought into this…show more content…
What should be done? Can men really be the head of their homes? Yes, men can be the head of their homes. Men need to turn back to God. Men need to go to the scriptures to define themselves as head of their homes because the Christian man is the man God had created from the beginning. The scriptures will reintroduce biblical headship into the lives of men. Biblical headship is the perfect combination of tenderness, courage, and toughness. The Christian man can fight the enemy and even cry with his wife. He will work arduous long hours and be involve with his children in their world. He will be shaped to be a true gentleman and when required his selflessness will overshadow him while he performs his daily tasks as head of his home. He can quickly be strong and stand firm when it is required of him to do so. The Christian man embraces the many different roles and take responsibility to care for his loved ones with love, courage, and sensitivity no matter what (Parkinson,

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