The Importance Of Having An Effective Team

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According to “Organizational behavior: Emerging knowledge, global reality", by Steven McShane and Mary AnnVon Glinow (2015), “teams are groups of two or more people who interact and influence one another, are mutually accountable for achieving common goals associated with organizational objectives, perceive themselves as a social entity within an organization ( p. 220). Team engulfs a variety of entities from basketball players attempting to score and win the game, to employees in an organization working on a project to meet deadlines. Being involved in a team help enhances such skills as decision making, task interdependence, conflict, as well as promotes brainstorming, innovation, creativity and learning. While exploring the elements of…show more content…
According to Steven McShane and Mary Ann Von Gilnow (2015), “An effective team is one that benefits the organization, its members, and survives long enough to accomplish its mandate “(p. 225). For a team to be considered effective it must achieve a goal that has a productive output for the good of the organization and at the same time the team members are satisfied with work they put into the project, surviving the completed task, and are ready to take another project when assigned(McShane & Von Gilnow, 2015). To evaluate a team’s effectiveness, a team effectiveness model can be used. This model helps with evaluating all conditions outside the environment that influences its effectiveness according to McShane and Von Gilnow (2015). The team effectiveness model evaluates the organizational and team environment, by using team based rewards, communication, organizational structure, organizational leadership and physical space. Team design is evaluate, by means of task characteristics, team size and team composition to produce a team process. In the team processes the team development, norms, cohesion, and trust are formed. This produces the final result of team effectiveness, the feeling that the team as accomplished the tasks, the members are satisfied, and the team has maintained survival and are ready to take on another…show more content…
Feelings of process losses, Brook’s law and social loafing may occur if one team member is not pulling their share, if they have been added too late to help a project recover, or they are not focused on the task. In addition, teams may not succeed if barriers such as ineffective communication, lack of trust, lack of clarity, and lack of setting goals exist. Kevan Hall (2013) the author of the article, Is teamwork the problem or the solution? Other forms of co-operation may be more effective-and save precious management time, elaborates that teams may be the cause of organizations moving away from the traditional hierarchical or the organizational ladder command-and-control. In Kevan Hall’s (2013) article, he discuss how he believes teams produce cult like behavior and that too much money is being spent on the formulation of teams. A valuable asset, time, is being wasted. He suggests that the time spent planning and organizing a time and place for a group of people to meet is a waste. He also elaborates that having teams is more about cooperation between people. Hall suggests using three methods called networks, communities, and star groups are ways to encourage cooperation between individuals. The methods network involves “visibility and connection to other individuals that need to collaborate effectively”(Hall, 2013,

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