The Importance Of Having A College Education

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“Should I go to college or should I not go to college?” Students may begin to question the importance of a college education during their high school career. Believe it or not, many factors take place when it comes to having a college education or not. It can impact a person’s life in numerous ways, both good and bad. Generally, college education aim to provide many opportunities for graduates though it is not as common to those without a higher education. Meanwhile, being able to generate income after graduation may be an alluring thought for many high school students. With the rising cost of tuition repelling their thought of attending college, they might be better off working day-to-day, earning as much income as they can to provide for their families. To settle this disputation, it is best to compare the idea of having a college education versus not having a college education into three categories or…show more content…
College education is an outlet for continuous opportunities to change and enhance one’s life completely though it is a different story for ones with no higher education. Higher education gives people freedom to achieve anything their heart desires. In contrast, no college education offers people limited pathways and less freedom to whatever they desire. Ultimately, college education provides a better job outlook and security, financial stability, and an enjoyable lifestyle. It is much easier to find jobs and get hired immediately with reliable income. Thus, it leads to people to be financially stable and to live life stress-free and happy. To contrary, no college education leaves people stranded in a dessert. It much harder to find jobs and let alone get hired. Hence life is stressful, and bills or any sort of payments are harder to pay because of unsteady income. All in all, whether it is college or no college, it can surely lead to completely different
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