The Importance Of Habites In Everyday Life

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The habit that applies to me most or that I could implement into my daily life to be more successful would be habit 3: put first things first. This habit relates to me most and by using the techniques in this habit it would help me be more organized and proactive in my everyday life. Although others might disagree and say that proactivity and begining with the end in mind can be more important, neither one of these are achievable without having priorities and having your first things first.Habit three is the most important habit to me for the reason that it keeps me organized and on the right track to having a successful future.

The reason habit three is the most relatable to me is because I am the type of person that gets distracted easily and wants to follow my own plan. I often find myself waiting till the last minute to do certain projects or classworks I didn't finish just because I choose to go my own path and do what i want first such as hanging out with friends on a Saturday night. Habit three helps me with this because by taking a break and giving myself a plan with my priorities first it keeps me organized and still provides me with the opportunity to do what I want to do at a later time. By following this schedule I get to accomplish the things that i need to do such as chores but at the same time i get to do what i want to do as well such as
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This habit also has a little bit of habit 2 which is start with the end in mind. This applies because when you stop to organize what you're going to do so that you get your main priorities done such as going to work on time, this helps because the long term goal of being organized and going to work on time is eventually getting promoted. By staying organized and using habit three to keep your priorities it helps achieve your end term

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