The Importance Of Group Work

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Teaching and learning has greater changing, active learning has become a significant approach in this era. Group work is a form of voluntary association of members benefiting from cooperative learning, that enhances the total output of the activity than when done individually. Group work not only used in all levels of education, but also in some work. Its purpose improves to peoples` motivation, because when the people become part of group, to be perceived and appreciated by group of members, and to achieve higher level in them might a serious motivator when it comes to finishing a task. (Burnett 2016). This essay will examine some people get passionate among group work, while others might assume group work is suspicion and dread. At same time,…show more content…
Group work includes many skills (communication skills, critical thing and organisation skills) and benefits, but these benefits bases on without plagiarize in the group. As education perspective, group work might bring learning cooperative ability for students. Chiriac (2014:3) states that group work`s function can promote students` work performance and interpersonal skills. At same time, group work may help students gain knowledge and enhance learning, therefore promote students` performance. On the other hand, division of labour also decides group work`s performance on the education, especially in higher education. In group missions, if everyone is allowed to focus on their particular abilities and reasonable distribution. These group will improve students` learning efficiency (Burnett 2016:1). Thus, the success of group work might need tutor`s correct approach. Frist, tutor should make certain that each student understands the works` goals and skills. Second, tutor needs help students gain skills to work in groups and some activities could help students increases sense of cooperation. Third, teacher needs help students manage some conflicts among students (Burke 2011:91). However, although working in groups might improve students` understanding and knowledge, it still not ensures these knowledges will be correct. So, information influence is quite important…show more content…
If group of members feel positive atmosphere, which is important point in group work, because positive atmosphere might enhance relationship between each member. Chiriac (2014:6) considers that if group of members helps or supports each other in group work, these students might get more active on the work. At same time, it may also increase work time and energy. However, group work also has downside about social function. Students might be influenced by others` negative mood, which includes insufficient communication and issues with one group member. Chiriac (2014:6) also claims that group atmosphere and group progress might be negative factor, which make a barrier for group work. When tutor distributes a new group, students will establish cooperation with new members and it also improve students` argumentative views. Indeed, this situation is same with outgoing students, while introverted students might free riding on the work. Burnett (2016:2) states that social loafing is easy to happen among the introverted students, even if these students are hardworking type. And also, these students might appear free-riding. According to Mellor (2016), some introverted students dislike group works` main reason is that group has not a better motivation, it may lead to personality clash. About free-riding, the quantity of group members should keep the lowest, and given to students
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