The Importance Of Graphic Content On The Internet

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The Internet is an enormous and complex network that allows innumerable devices across the world to communicate with each other. With merely a few keystrokes, one can use the Internet to find anything from cute cat videos to the news, and everything imaginable in between. However, one could also effortlessly, and sometimes unintentionally, find graphic content. The term graphic content encompasses many things including pornographic videos, violent movies, and explicit music. However, it can also encompass far viler things such as videos of rape, torture, murders, and other heinous acts. The omnipresence of both kinds of graphic content is relevant to Philosophy because it has led many people in the United States to believe that the Government…show more content…
But, there is certain content on the Internet that is detrimental to society and thus should be subject to government censorship. Exactly what is detrimental to society is open to interpretation, but some examples include "fighting words, threats, obscenity... express incitement of unlawful conduct, and child pornography" (Stone 174). In an effort to further understand this notion, consider two different experiences of Person A. Say that a friend of Person A, knowing that they like horror movies, recommended a free horror movie streaming website for Person A. While browsing on the site, Person A watches a horror movie that is riddled with carnage. Regardless of their reaction, given that they were on a movie streaming site, they would be cognizant that they had seen a fictional movie. Following, it 's logical to assume that there wouldn 't be any lasting consequences to them having seen the movie. Subsequently, the content wouldn’t be detrimental and thus there’s no rational reason as to why the government would censor this type of content. Furthermore, the government censoring content that isn 't detrimental would, in fact, interfere with freedoms of speech and expression. However, what were to happen if Person A had unknowingly clicked on the wrong video streaming…show more content…
This is false because selective Internet censorship only seeks to remove detrimental content. Nevertheless, support for this group has grown over the years because of fear that if the American government were to censor the Internet, we would become similar to China. China is notorious for censoring the Internet, where "[the] 'Golden Shield ' is a giant mechanism of censorship and surveillance that blocks tens of thousands of websites deemed inimical to the Communist Party’s narrative and control... [China] pursues a broad crackdown on free speech and civil society" (Denyer). This fear spreads so quickly because "people tend to respond to the arguments made by other people - and the pool of arguments, in any group with some predisposition in one direction, will inevitably be skewed in the direction of the original predisposition" (Sunstein 99). And, given that China is communist and therefore incompatible with democracy, some people have come to believe that censorship would make us un-democratic and thus un-American. But, that is total censorship, not selective censorship. It seems completely logical, if not blatantly necessary, to have some form of censorship to protect American citizens, especially children. The goal of the censorship would, in no way, be to limit freedom; it would be to protect ourselves from harmful

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