The Importance Of Grammar In Writing

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Grammar is helpful with our writing and speaking, however; the methods used to teach it often left me confused on how to use the rules correctly. Many experts have reasoned that Grammar being taught in a formal way doesn’t add to the learner’s development of grammar and I must agree. Throughout my education, grammar classes with rules and worksheets have enlightened me on how to use grammar, however; I often struggle with applying it to my writing. I believe grammar classes shouldn’t exist rather writing classes should. The focus of the writing class would be on improving the ideas of the student to write and then as the writer gets more confident in releasing their ideas than the person mistakes with grammar should be explained.
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I believe students feel daunted by all the rules that the teachers are trying to teach them with grammar. However, writing classes are encouraging the students to release their barriers with writings and encourage their inner thoughts to be released as well. In the study from Patrick Hartwell’s article, he mentioned that, “So Grammar 1 is eminently usable knowledge—the way we make our life through language—but it is not accessible knowledge; in a profound sense, we do not know that we have it (Hartwell).” This article encourages our grammar knowledge, which we have stored unknowingly, be brought out and one way that this could be is if we let the students hand in their writing unedited to the teacher to look over their mistakes but not to make any corrections. Then the students use a red pen to correct their mistakes and edit their paper themselves so that the teacher has an understanding of what grammar errors students can correct on their own. This way students’ strengths and weakness in grammar are considered more than teaching the rules of grammar. In order to learn and gain an understanding of grammar, it must be a part of students’ education since it helps students correct their overlooked mistakes and for professionalism’s sake. Grammar is needed as Christensen’s article summarizes when she says, “We must teach our students how to match subjects and verbs, how to pronounce lawyer, because they are the ones without power and, for the moment, they have to use the language of the powerful to be heard (Christensen).” Grammar is important for our writing, nevertheless; grammar shouldn’t be the focus of how we write instead our thoughts should
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