The Importance Of Governmented Health Care

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In recent years, citizens and their respective governments around the world have been increasingly concerned with their healthcare systems. These concerns have arisen particularly in states that maintain or have been transitioning towards a government run healthcare system, in large part due to questions over government expenditures. The issue of healthcare concerns citizens in a civilized society as it determines, in large part, how and to what extent they are provided access to medical attention. As an American citizen, the fact that nearly 20% of my country’s GDP is spent on healthcare has been a source of bewilderment to myself. (Kane) Government sponsored healthcare has been most recently upheld as a goal nations should strive for, but while it may have reason too, the concept has its fair share of faults. Government sponsored health care is simply cost-inefficient, though a number of factors determine its efficacy. When attempting to come to a telling conclusion, one must explore various avenues and use multiple research tools, and this research paper will utilize statistical data and objective reports to do so. Bias will and always has existed, but when delving into a controversial topic one must be careful to limit bias as much as possible. Comparisons can be telling but only when factors are considered and the “playing field is leveled”. In the hope of finding and presenting an answer to questions concerning the cost efficiency of government subsidized healthcare, we will explore three main ideas that are as follows - Firstly, the nature of healthcare and the government’s role in it, which is crucial in analyzing the cost-efficiency of state backed health programs. Secondly, accounting for factors that range from pop... ... middle of paper ... ...o waiting times for patients and durability of medicinal products or the like. For example, Canada’s medical services occasionally force patients to experience wait times, as some products are in shorter supply. Though this might appall some readers, this is a conscious decision taken by the Canadian government to minimize costs. This is demonstrates the balance between cost and efficiency, since very rarely are the two not improving at the expense of the other. How then can we determine the cost-efficiency of government healthcare? The creation of a uniform “currency” adjusted for inflation and buying power would be a start, creating a standard to which all state expenses could be measured to. Currently, currency converters account in large part for these factors, and the process by which one would create a globally applicable currency would simply be redundant.

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