The Importance Of Government Support For Disabled Youth

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The Importance of Government Support for Disabled Youth Growing up I relied extensively on those around me such as my parents, as a child I did not have the ability to care for myself, I was not able to function as an adult. Unfortunately the majority of children do not receive the same level of support growing up. Lack of support commonly challenges disabled youth. Without support it is hard for disabled youth to maintain dignity that they set for themselves. Insufficient support produces a considerable predisposition to a lower quality of life or a loss of self-respect causing an imprint on their lives. Takes dignity away from disabled youth often causes them to their self-confidence or let their future slip away. The government must provide Canadian disabled youth with support in order to improve support on a national level. The repercussions of the lack of support directly affect their education, development into adults, and their employment. Support systems and methods cannot me neglected by the governing powers because it will lead to an extreme lack of education for disabled youth. 2007 survey it notes that disabled young adults between the ages of 19 and 24 are about twice as likely in comparison to the general public of the same age to have previously dropped out of high school, Their education is also more common to then end there, and half as likely to move into post-secondary schooling than the non-disabled [1]. The absence of a continued formal education for the disabled youth is a significant issue within Canada. However, this is not being effectively attended to by the government, even with these staggering findings. One of the causes for this could be due to the lack of specialized education produced by the tea... ... middle of paper ... ... from this. Disabled youth are unmistakeably in need of support to produce both specialized systems and empowerment programs. The reason for the specialized system is to improve the education and continued education for those with disabilities. The first reason for the empowerment programs is to encourage recreational activity within the disabled population to assist with their development. The final reason for a support system that empowers disabled individuals is that it will allow them to overcome the fear of being stigmatized as “disabled” and become comfortable with themselves. With further development, support systems may one day be able to effectively help the disabled youth population have an equal opportunity in place education, employment, and recreation, giving them the same opportunity to prosper into young adults that the majority of the population had.

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