The Importance Of Governance And Accountability In The Public Service

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In the era of globalization, there is not much choice for the government of Brunei but to face and keep up with the challenges and fast-paced changes whether they like it or not especially the civil service sector. Fulfilling the public needs is one of the requirements the government of Brunei has to meet in order to remain in line with the country’s policies and development objectives. Thus, to offer comfort and serenity for the nation’s citizens and people to live in implies the civil service must be systematic, highly responsive and competitive. A particular focus of research has been how governance and accountability have become a narrow focus in the lights of public sector context (Humphrey et al., 1993; Mulgan, 2000; Dubnick, 2005; Yapa, 2014).
Facing a challenging task has always been an issue dealt by public service organizations. Governance, basically, involves having a clear direction and coordination of various actors (Kooiman, 2003; Yapa, 2014). It is their responsibility to make sure they serve in the interest of the public in the best way possible and to produce positive outcomes for the public service consumers. This
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It also ensures that the actions taken by government agencies, public officials and civil servants and the reports on their activities are understandable and visible to the eyes of the citizens. This is believed to be one of the most convenient ways of shielding against corruption and it further helps to increase the level of accountability in the Brunei public sector. Transparency can be defined as the degree to which the information is available to public users that enables them to have informed voice in decision and to assess the decisions made by the government officials. Transparency appears to be as important and is rather a prerequisite for accountability in the public

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