The Importance Of Good Parenting In The Film 'Rebel Without A Cause'

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Good parenting is one of the most important factors to well behaved teenagers. Well, in Nicholas Ray 's 1955 film Rebel without a Cause, the lack of good parenting is the underlying cause of all the major events. This movie is set in the suburbs of Los Angeles, where Jim Stark and his family just recently moved in. In order to give him a fresh start, his parents think that it’s the town is what gives him problems. It is due to this lack of good parenting that teenagers such as Jim, Judy, and Plato are so rebellious and misguided with their behavior. The opening scene of the movie has Jim, Plato, and Judy at the police station being held in custody due to their unlawful actions. When Jim’s parents show up at the police station they are not very worried about what he has done, but rather prefer argue over opposing views on how to handle the situation. In the meanwhile Judy is picked up by her mother, which only worsens her father issues. As for Plato the absence of his mother shows how there is not much care for him. Parents are usually the ones children look up to for guidance and inspiration and without them teenagers will usually spiral out of control and into many different problems.…show more content…
It perfectly demonstrates how important parenting is and what severe negative effects it can have on teenagers. On Jim it drove him into always having to prove himself that he wasn 't a chicken, which got him into trouble often. While Judy was simply seeking for the attention from her father and because she couldn 't obtain this she sought male attention elsewhere. Finally Plato’s family issues were the worst because he didn 't have a mother and father. Therefore he struggled with abandonment and psychological issues because of them. It shows that parenting should not be taken lightly and they will eventually determine whether you raise a Healthy and well behaved teenager or a rebellious

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