The Importance Of Good Parental Care

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Good parental care is important in raising a well disciplined and behaved child. Parenting is one of the most essential and important skills that people must have before they bring a child into this world, unfortunately some people do not have this skill. As a result, badly behaved children are raised, and those children grow up without any parenting skills also. The quality of parenting that a child receives is a very important factor in deciding how behaved and successful the child will be in the future. There is a direct correlation with the problems of the parents while raising children to how children are emotionally and physically developed will be in the long run.
There are many problems with the parenting of modern families. These
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Parenting is not an easy job, but that is not an excuse for having bad mannered and rude children. Most of the time the parents are trying as hard as they can to raise a well-mannered child, but other external factors are diminishing those parenting skills. Some of those diminishing factors are depression and disagreements between parents. Depression can be directly linked with bad parenting. When a parent or both of the parents are depressed, they don’t want to do anything, which includes raising a child. When a child receives no parenting, he will grow up with bad manners, or even worse physical or emotional problems. Some people with depression will constantly ask their children for help, like bring thing them this and bringing them that. Children will grow up to not respect their parents, and maybe even hate them. Another factor that can diminish the quality of parenting is parents arguing, as shown in “The Little knife”. In the last sentence of “The Little Knife” Chabon writes, “all the discord for which, in his wildly preserving imagination, he was and would always be responsible” (Chabon, 1991, p 109). This quote shows that Nathan truly believes that he is the reason for all of the arguing that his parents are going through. When children see their parents fight they can feel very scared and unprotected, because they have no one to go to, to feel safe. The kids might be worried that one of their parents will hurt another during the argument. The kids might also feel like the parents are arguing because of them, and that they are the problem their parents are very upset. And worse of all, parents that constantly argue might want to take out their anger on someone else, and if the only other person in the house is the child, that will be them. Beating a child is never acceptable, and that will leave serious emotional and physical problems for them in the
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