The Importance Of Globalization In China

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This paper is about the important of economic growth because is linkage with the globalization. The globalization brings the world into new level which makes us as a community to more interdependence to each other’s. This paper also explains how China develops their economy based on the historical, from close door system to the openness door system. The China’s rise as global economic superpower over last 30 years is example of globalization. It also examines the political influence during the Deng Xiaoping development policies in the Chinese Communist Party toward China economic. The impact of China rise brings the position of the United States become unstable, and how China rise influence the international economy.

Keywords: China, United Stated, influence, globalization, and superpower.

Nowadays, no nation exists in economic isolation. The high degree of economic interdependence among today’s economies reflects the historical evolution of the world’s economic and political order. In this 21st century, China’s rise as a foremost a military power and economic. However, the China’s rise as a global economic superpower over the last 30 years is more crucial to the world. Based on the Sutter (2003-2004), he provides an opinion about the economic growth in China’s, “Is China really rising? It seems there is little distrust about it”. The illustration tell us that the China’s rise in not occurs but in reality China emergence of as a major economic superpower has higher anxiety of the United States toward the rise.
According to Mankiw (2012), our world resources are scarce in which it need to be distributed through the combination of households and firms under the system of economic. This is become a main re...

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... legally noticeable China’s reform era (Bergsten et al., 2009). After the successful of their opening economics system, China concerning on international trade. China has followed a pattern consistent with the principle of comparative advantages. For examples, on the export side China has supplied a growing share of the world’s demand for relatively inexpensive sporting goods, toys, clothes and textiles. In our life the brand or the term “made in China” is common for the family comes from moderate income. These goods symbolise labor-intensive production methods and reflect China’s plenty of labour.
Based on figure 1, the China gross domestics products (GDP) in their national currency shows the China gain average annual real GDP has grown by nearly 10%. This show China has been able to enhance the size of its economy in real terms every eight years (IMF, 2013).
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