The Importance Of Gift Giving And Giving

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As humans in our society, most of us want to be that good gift giver. The givers want to make sure that the recipient is astonished and full of excitement once they lay their eyes on the gift. No one wants to be the recipient of a bad, unthoughtful gift either. This is were the tricky part of gift giving and receiving come into place. From the article, “Why Certain Gifts Are Great to Give but Not to Get: A Framework for Understanding Errors in Gift Giving” written by Jeff Galak, Julian Givi, and Elanor F. Williams, it explains the overall idea of gift giving and receiving. Throughout the article it focused on how the giver needs to realize the after affect of the gift and just not on the very moment the recipient opens the gift. The authors…show more content…
Some times one may receive a gift that holds so much excitement and than you also can receive that gift that has no connection to you. Ive been in both predicaments, where I ended up getting a gift I loved and used everyday and than I got some gifts that just ended up collecting dust. It kind of sucks to receive a gift from someone that does not have any type of connection to you. As an example, I once received a gift from one of my ex boyfriends that I ended up putting no use to it once so ever. The gift was a nice necklace that he picked out for me but I did not wear any type of jewelry. So that is were the problem of the gift came into place due to the fact that I was not a jewelry fan. The gesture was nice but he failed in the thought he put into the gift. Which showed me that he did not pay attention to my daily attire. That is why everyone should pay attention the recipient and go off a gift that reflects them. Also, why spend money on something that the giver in the long run won’t use because that necklace was worn a couple times. Which just became another decoration to my jewelry holder. It is important to pay attention to the gift one will give instead of the overall idea of just giving the gift to the

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