The Importance Of Generation X

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character. Due to these instances, generation Y members are usually tough and exude aggressive behavior compared to the others. They are more defensive when it comes to socializing and, most of the time wish to excel faster at work due to the feeling that they deserve rewards for the drastic things that happen around them (Girod and Shapiro, 2012, p. 41).
To ease their feelings of oppression, generation Y needs parental guidance more than those belonging to generation X. They rely heavily on support than having to work twice as hard – same with the culture of most generation X members. In fact, their confidence is non-relative to the capacities that they contribute to the workplace due to their dependence upon leadership. Additionally, their use of technology also allows them to interact with each other constantly thereby developing a perception that they will have their way if they have social support. Their activeness in social media has led them to become highly reactive to even the slightest issues that most of the time, they feel their opinions matter more than facts. Unlike generation X who work hard to be heard in the workplace, generation Y
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Moreover, it will likewise transform companies in the appreciating each of the contributions of the different generations in achieving success in today’s competitive markets (Williamson, 2014). The leadership of generation X is detrimental to the success of the business as it will aid the millennials and Gen Z members to maximize their capacities to meet the needs of the company; that the assertiveness of Gen Y members is also important to help each employee gain confidence in achieving their tasks and become inspired; and that the knowledge and savviness of gen Z is what every business needs to become competitive in their respective
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