The Importance Of Gender Roles

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People all around the world are disgraced. They are treated very very poorly because of their gender. When someone thinks of gender roles there is always someone to blame, I personally think there are people that are to blame but, I also feel like it comes from society. It has affected us in multiple ways. There is music, movies, my opponent may have good points but they are wrong, people now have a great role in how women are now. Gender stereotypes create great biases and make people think lower of women. In the music today it went from strong femme fatals; to women who have nothing to offer but silicone chests, followed by their great big plastic asses. Stars like Marilyn Monroe, and Michele Pfeiffer are being replaced by Nikki Minaj and Megan Fox. Nikki with her fake plastic body raps about, having sex with a man who is very formidable in his pants. Marilyn wasn 't perfect and she may have been a playboy but it was so uncommon for a…show more content…
my opponent may argue but I assure you, the vast majority of today 's youth is this way. With the stars on the radio, and plastered onto our Tv’s how can you escape the views of the perfect woman? Now a lot of people may wear makeup to make them love themselves... another topic that I will refute. How come they don 't love their bodies and faces? Because Brad the head dick of the football team is more concerned with the skinny waisted cheerleaders? So because Brad doesn 't like her, she wears makeup to cover up her feelings, and dosing her true unrivaled beauty. Some make up once and awhile sure, I understand that too, but trying to look like a plastic barbie doll, is not healthy. The celebrities makeup seem essential, when it 's truly not. To add onto that, how is picking someone else apart because they didn 't wear makeup a good thing? There is very deep gender roles that make women torture themselves simply because they aren 't perfect and I think the people around them play a big role in
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