The Importance Of Gender In Society

In our present world, people understand and view gender in different perspectives, or “lenses.” The idea of gender that we see specifically in our present society today is very extensive compared to what it was years ago. We see a variety of different kinds of gender, whereas only years ago it was two: male and female. Personally, I have seen this in our society because I have met people that identify as many different genders that aren’t specifically just male or female. The word “gender” holds an important place in our language, specifically in today’s society, because it has determined who we are, how we identify ourselves, and ultimately our roles in society. The word “gender” originally had a different meaning and origin, yet it has changed overtime in terms of where…show more content…
What this means is that gender is based on what pronouns people are and how they present themselves, meaning their shape, social ranking, and their sex. Furthermore, the dictionary also explains that gender is, “the behavioral, cultural, or psychological traits typically associated with one sex,” (Merriam-Webster). This ultimately explains that there are the two sexes, male and female, yet gender adds to those two depending on the looks and traits of a person. This is a very traditional definition of gender and does not necessarily incorporate the newer ideas and views of gender in our society. Google also uses the traditional definition of gender when it explains that gender is, “the state of being a male or female,” (Google). On the contrary, the Oxford Dictionaries add that gender is, “also used as a sign of a range of identities that don’t stick to the traditional idea of only male and female,” (Oxford Dictionary). This is the modern definition of gender because it extends further than just male and female. In fact, in our society today there are sixty plus gender identities that range from the typical male and female but
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