The Importance Of Gender Identity

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Schools should build on the experience and knowledge that children bring into the classroom, and instruction should also promote children’s abilities and talents. (Jim Cummins). Since Maria came from Mexico the teacher can incorporate Mexican heritage in the lessons. In Ms. O’really’s English class reading books written by Mexican authors and also allow Maria to translate some words in Spanish to the class would be a fun activity. It will promote social interaction and as well make her feel comfortable using her mother tongue in the classroom and not just at home. The teacher has to make up for the lack of bilingual programs in the school that would help not only the child’s development of English but as well as their mother tongue. In the…show more content…
(Margaret Andersen). Our family, friends and peers are a few of the different agents that influence one’s identity. The role of men and women are based on culture and society. Maria comes from a single parent household and is not adjusting to middle school as well as the others. She plans to drop out of school in the future and wants to get married and have children. While Brandon is just an average student and is still very popular and voted class president. These roles are embedded in us due to society and backgrounds. Margaret Andersen states; “ Mothers’ education and employment also have a significant impact on the gender attitudes of their daughters and sons”. Maria’s mother cleans for a living, which is one of the stereotypes that come with the female gender. While as for males taking charge and being masculine are a few stereotypes that are embedded as well. Brandon is not the brightest but is very popular and so he gets the role of class president. In order to eliminate these stereotypes in the classroom, Ms. O’reilly can switch the roles in the room. Instead of having a male president she should allow the class to vote on a female president. The teacher can speak about role models male and female to the class, since it is an English class she can share books written by female authors. Maria enjoys physical education, which most girls do not enjoy but by educating her and breaking through the gender stereotypes she might join a team or read sports books in English class. This will help Maria realize she is capable of accomplishing anything she wants and that includes her schooling. Brandon can be popular and get good grades without doubting himself or his future. If over time, changes in the material arrangements between men and women continue to accumulate, the traditional content of cultural beliefs about gender
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