The Importance Of Gender Equality

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Gender equality has renovated our societies in the past 50 years (Bain & Co 2013). The conventional view of women, the caregiver, now gained equal working and educational rights to men. In Britain, women comprise almost half of the total workforce (xxxxx). However, the increasing number of female participants does not secure greater economic powers, few women embody top management roles, men and women are being far more equal. Individual, social and organizational burdens set up barriers for women to achieve success. Many countries realized that it is a waste of resources by putting women aside and to enact laws to encourage women enter the workforce. It has seen a positive transformation on balanced gender diversity among different occupations.…show more content…
Meanwhile, twenty-one out of FTSE 100 had all male boards, however, the number of all-male boards went down to zero by the year of 2015 (Lord’s Davis 2015). The situation for women in the workforce has increasingly gotten better. Whereas, men still comprise 76.5% of the boards in the FTSE 100. The current climate in the labour market appeals, overall gender pay gap includes all full-time and part-time workers combined are 19.1% (ONS 2014), women comprise the majority of lower paid jobs in occupations of nursing, social work, school teaching and librarian, compared with…show more content…
Organizationally, in the male dominant industries, the persistence of gender bias, stereotyping and discrimination are the contributions to gender inequality in the workplace. Are women less qualified than their male counterparties are? A management-consulting firm, Bain & Co. conducted a research (2013) revealed the issue, which impedes the promotion progress for female relate to their male counterparties. Intentional and unintentional bias established the preconceived notion of men over a woman in the corporate setting. The capacity of women is overlooked, in the business world where long dominated by male, the appointment or promotion opportunities are more likely given to males simply to maintain the male dominant culture (Wright E

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