The Importance Of Gender Equality

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History shows us that women in today’s society are better off than women of the past. There has been great progress towards women’s rights over the years. However, females around the world are still far from being equal with men. In parts of the world, women are denied access to education and do not have a voice when it comes to political participation. Girls and women are prevented from making choices around child rearing, marriage, and other personal choices in their private lives. As a society, it is important that we understand the feminist perspective and raise awareness on women’s rights and gender equality. On the other hand, feminism is also relevant for boys and men. How you ask? Well, it is about changing gender roles, sexual…show more content…
While there has been change towards equal rights, there are still many things that oppress women. How can we change this as a society?
“In recent decades, there has been a growing awareness of the need to increase gender equality throughout the world. Strategies to achieve this end have focused on empowering women in social, educational, economic, and political spheres and improving women’s access to education, nutrition, health care, and basic human rights (Mooney 338).
As we reflect on Women’s History Month, it is important to realize that many courageous women (and a few men) have made vital changes for women in almost every aspect of life. They have challenged the status quo by bringing attention to gender inequality in the workplace, education, and sexual norms. Society is now aware of rape and sexual assault, sexual harassment, and domestic violence that at one time oppressed women. For gender inequality to continue to be reduced, it is essential that a strong women’s movement continue to remind us of the sexism that still exists in our society today. The more that society is educated about gender inequality, the better equipped the family structure will be to address the bias of
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