The Importance Of Gender Discrimination In The Media

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This is something that is taught to the young boy. Same goes for the female as well. Now gender focuses on to express dominance distinction between women and men. This can be problematic by causing a high need to distinguish the difference between both genders. This results in gender discrimination by trying to find this need of finding a clear line between male and female. By doing this, labels of what is means to be one gender or the other gender are created.
Media portrays inaccuracies and misconceptions of what the cosplay world is actually like, including inaccurate representation, sometimes using gendering, in cosplay. Media creates these types of conflicts regarding gender by how poorly they represent female and male cosplayers in media. Media misrepresent both genders by attempting to set a social rule for cosplay, by highlighting heavily gendered aspects such as how women can only do make-up, but men have the advantage in everything else regarding cosplay. In
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In an article, it explains that if a forty year old man were to be excited and screaming over a seventeen year old girl, someone could call the police (Busse, 2013). From this, one can see that it is not only women that are victimized to fannish and out of fan activity harassment in the cosplay community. For example, there is a female cosplayer and a male asked to a picture with her. When the male goes to take a picture with the female cosplayer, the male puts his arm around her. After that, the female cosplayer becomes angry, kicks him and runs away. People around him will not think anything of it, expect that he was harassing her and deserved it. However, if the exact opposite thing happened with the male cosplayer and a female fan, then they will see the male cosplayer as aggressive and will ask him to leave. This does draw a line to how gender stereotypes play a role in predicting a person’s attitude and