The Importance Of Gay And Homosexuality

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Who are we to be able to judge others? What gives us that right? And what can we do to stop all of the indiscretion in our society? Human beings are one species, we are one. And because of that, the difference in the way we look and value things should not result in us judging each other. Everyone may be different, but despite that we are all human beings. In life the differences among us control the ways we feel to ourselves and to each other, and the most affected by that are young students who are still learning who they are as a person. Anoka High school chose for their school to ignore gay and lesbian children because of their own beliefs. They chose to ignore the chaos that was happening before their eyes, and from those choices they have set a domino effect on student’s lives even when it resulted in significant bullying and suicides. Although some people believe that their views and choices of being homosexual is not the correct way to live, the truth is that there is no correct way, everyone is different and children have the right to be themselves and to be safe in public high school campuses.
First, the choices we make that are based upon our beliefs and religions, are the choices that we must control to prevent harm to others who do not feel the same way. The First Baptist Church, Michele Bachmann, and Barb Anderson, all of them making choices that are consumed by their religious beliefs, and all of them fighting for Anit-gay in school and life discussions. With only their beliefs in mind they had made homosexuality seem as if it was an illness or a virus to human beings. They first have created a policy “No Homo Promo” where homosexuality was not to be taught or addressed as a normal lifestyle. Then after losing a l...

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...ent of gay students.” If we all were taught and brought up seeing the world in this way there would most likely be a significant change to all the bullying and harassment that goes on this world.
The greatest minds and leaders are ones with the beliefs of equality and understand their choices they have made. Such beliefs would prevent bullying because as a child we become what is around us. As a school they should make the environment into a one that can develop minds that would create the world into a better future. For everyone the quality of choices we make determines the quality of our lives we will have.
“We need to teach the generation of children from day one that they are responsible for their lives. Mankind’s greatest gift, also its greatest curse, is that we have free choice. We can make our choices built from love or from fear.” - Elizabeth Kubler-Ross
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