The Importance Of Games

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Without trophies, can children still be winners? Yes! In the world of sports, being declared the winner has always been the number one goal, although there are secondary achievements in play. Parents don’t want to see their children suffer; as a result, a rule that every child should receive a trophy has become as expected as a game sheet. However, overuse of trophies discourages the hard work that goes into winning. Children are meant to have fun with sports; even so, games are a lesson in life of winning and losing. To learn to lose gracefully and not give up is just as important as winning.
Trophies are meant to encourage children as they start out in sports, but not to depend on them. How is a child going to learn the importance of losing and not giving up if awarded for everything he or she does? The kid that works hard and wins will lose the desire to do his or her best, if everyone becomes the winner. When children are starting out in sports and learning the basics, the reward isn’t so important; therefore, presenting awards at this time could be more effective (Henson). Once a young person has learned the basics of sports and what it
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Parents who support trophies believe that the effect of receiving a trophy is worth more than winning itself. Children like getting trophies because it boosts their self-confidence and it makes them more likely to return to sports the next season, in addition to being healthier and doing better in school (Tarshis). Receiving a trophy can help you feel good about yourself. Childhood is a time to enjoy life and grow, and playing sports will help promote good health. Many adults endorse that every child gets a trophy so every adolescent will feel like they belong, thus helping them overcome any insecurity. The young will mature and overcome their fear of failure, due in part of the adults in their lives, showing them it’s ok to fail and encourage the child not to give

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