The Importance Of Galileo And The Pendulum

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Beside this, another invention of Galileo is the pendulum. The invention of pendulum also brought huge scope of research in front of the future scientists. This helped the people to measure the time. This led to the invention of the watch in the future. Before the invention of pendulum, people used to measure time on the basis of the position of the sun. This reduces the pressure of the people and saved time. Galileo also did the experiment on the motion. All these experiments brought revolution in the Europe in particular and the world in general.
The next research conducted by this greatest scientist is on the gravitation. He actually wanted to the find out the reason behind the falling of the object on the earth (Merriman, 2010). In future,
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This helped in transforming the Dark Age into an age of enlightenment. In the renaissance period, many discoveries helped the people to change their mentality and the thinking process. This helped Europe to become developed in very short time period. The other discoveries include the design of the submarine by Leonardo Da Vinci. He first made the picture of the submarine and that opened the future scope for the scientists to discover the submarine. The submarine is of immense help for the future generation. Submarine is helpful in many purposes and the source of the submarine is the age of the renaissance. One thing to be noticed is that the thing, which actually discovered after many years was thought in the period of renaissance. In this period, the other invention also took place and this is the microscope. Zacharias Janssen was the name behind the invention of the microscope. In the field of the medical science, the application of the microscope is large. Microscope helps the medical scientists to find out the new microorganism, which are not visible in the naked eye. The microscope also helps in the laboratories to conduct much research. This is widely applicable in the medical science. The actual contribution is of the renaissance period, which produced such genius. Beside the invention of these things, the other contribution of this age is the invention of the barometer. This was invented by Torricelli one of the renowned scientist of the renaissance period. The usage of the barometer is large in the research of the scientific field. The application of the barometer is wide in the laboratory (Kuhn, 2012). The main usage of the barometer is the measurement of the pressure of the air. This is helpful in the prediction of the atmosphere by the meteorological department. This is one of the gifts of the renaissance

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