The Importance Of Future Career And Leadership

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This essay is a comprehensive look at my future career and leadership goals. It utilizes all the work that I have completed during my internship, and required that I truly look at the usefulness of reflective thinking as an administrator. Likewise, this paper examines the benefits and drawbacks of the impact of reflections on my personal leadership as a future educational administrator. Moreover, this essay examines the affect that reflections can have on my future leadership goals, and how the practice of reflexive learning will led to future growth. Ultimately leading to a fulfilment of the leadership and career goal that I seek.

Section A - Career and Leadership Goals My ultimate career goal is to be the US Secretary
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This is to ensure that the changes that are occurring within education; I am helping to shape and foster. Therefore, as an educational leader I strive to the notion that my most important constituents are my teachers because they will shape the thoughts and opinions of my students and larger community. With that in mind, I want to create a school environment that fosters high-quality curriculum, cutting edge instruction, and 21st century problem solving and equipment learning. Therefore, I want a school that students, teachers, and the larger community would be proud to send their children. Moreover, the reason that I want to lead is because I understand the power that good educational administrators can have on shaping a school, a community, and maybe even a nation. Likewise, for students competing in a 21st century world; they are going to need to have schools that are innovation centers which fosters creativity, problem- solving, and comprehension. Therefore, I believe that it is my job as an educator to ensure that our students are discovering knowledge for themselves, and developing passions that will push them into the future. Moreover, my experience on our school’s principal advisory committee and school improvement council have given me the experience needed to drive through the reforms that we need to within our school. I have seen reforms up close, and I have the experience of understanding what policies it takes to ensure that these reforms are

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