The Importance Of Friendships In My Life

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From time to time friendships may be tested. When I was a sophomore in high school, one of my most important friendships was tested and nearly lost. It was a very hard time in my life that changed the way I think about life all together. That year, one of my very best friends got heavily involved with drugs and alcohol. My other friends and I were lost for words on what had happened. Before, my friend was a good academic and sports focused girl who had a whole future waiting for her. She had a perfect grade point average and planned on being a physical therapist someday. Early on, my other friends and I tried to convince her that she was making the wrong choices and negative consequences were sure to follow. After a month or so, rumors spread across the whole school about what was happening. The guidance counselor got involved with the situation. The guidance counselor did her best to inform my friend of the consequences of heavy drug and alcohol usage and tried to help her get back on track. Unfortunately, this action was not enough. I continued to watch my friend’s life spiral out of control, and witnessed her future start…show more content…
My friend was only dragging me down with her, and I accepted that I could not change her. It had to be her choice to get back on the right path, not someone else’s. At first, when I stopped hanging out with my friend all together, she seemed not to care at all. This hurt my feelings, but I was sure the drugs and alcohol were affecting her priorities. My other friends became angry that I had given up. Eventually, as my friend got more out of control, my other friends made the same painful choice. Some more months passed before the light at the end of the tunnel began to shine in the distance. My friend eventually felt lost and had enough. She wanted to shape up and found help. I watched her for a while to judge how serious she was. She seemed genuine, so I decided to reconsider my previous

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