The Importance Of Friendship In My Life

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Being an eighth grader, I came to the United States with my family. My parents enrolled me in a junior high school, but I never spoke in English before. Talking to classmates seldom happened, and consequently, making friends turned out utterly difficult. When socializing with other people at the school, the language barrier always left me in discomfort. Even after learning English, my Korean accent still discouraged me from speaking to classmates. As a result of my proclivity to alienate myself from joining conversations with peers, establishing friendship never turned out successful. Even when I managed to start a conversation with other teenagers, the conversation usually turned awkward, as I never had much to say in the first place. Since my only hobby was to play video games, I never knew about popular topics for teenagers’ gossips. The struggle to make friends with other people, remained burdensome, even when I went to a college.
A turning point in my life, came around at the end of my junior year in college. After
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Although I had never been in a two-hour long conversation before, chatting with Vince and Tom was fun, since we mostly talked about the game. After two hours of non-stop colloquy, we arrived at our destination, which was Oregon State University. The tournament area was a large conference room, with dozens of TVs and video game consoles. There, we met Portland players who also entered the tournament for “Guilty Gear Accent Core.” We started introducing ourselves to the Portland players, and started a conversation with them. Although I was very nervous at first, talking to the Portland players was a breeze, since we shared the common interest in gaming. Vince, Tom, and I quickly made friends with the Portland players, and even after the tournament, we continued to socialize with them, as we had a dinner
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