The Importance Of Friendship In My Life

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Growing up, I was a shy and quiet kid who was not good at making a whole lot of friends. However, as I got older I was able to learn how to step out of my comfort zone. I made a friend or two here and there and was not picky about what kind of things they enjoyed doing. This was mainly because I liked doing just about anything. I enjoyed being outside and playing sports but I also really liked video games and watching TV. This aided me in creating a group of friends that I would end up spending much of my middle school and high school years with. Being an only child, they became a huge part of my life. Being able to have a group of friends that I was close was almost like having a bunch of brothers. Unfortunately, all good things come to an…show more content…
Being a bunch of guys, we all played sports and that is how we got to know each other. Some of us were better athletes than the others, but that did not matter to us as kids. Our competitive natures luckily were not around at that time or we would have been bumping heads left and right. Playing sports helped create a strong bond with one another, no matter how different we were, we always came together when it came to the game. That is exactly how our friendship grew. Playing sports helped us get to know each other and sometimes even like one another. We were all the kids who liked to play sports but did not play for a team. We just liked to play for fun and for the workout. Shootings hoops and throwing footballs were more of a way to interact with each other rather than practicing or competing. Don’t get me wrong, we got pretty competitive here and there but it was always friendly, no hard feelings in the end. That was when I knew, these guys are going to be around for awhile. We are all different yet had so many things in common at the same time. The only downfall at that time was that we were only elementary kids. At that time, especially at Deer Creek, people pretty much only hung out at their neighbor’s house or with neighborhood kids and that was about it. This postponed the starting of our friendship until middle school, when our parents finally decided to take us over to each other’s houses. It was not every day or even every week, just whenever it was
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