The Importance Of Free Meals For Early Childhood Education

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Proper nutrition plays a key role in the success of a child’s education. Consuming nutritious foods contributes to a child’s mental and physical health. Nutritional health is significant to a successful academic performance. Early childhood education is a requirement for all children. In Rapides Parish guardians face legal action if a child is excessively late to class or misses more than fourteen school days. The inclusion of free meals for early childhood education must be mandatory just as attendance is. A major part of the problem is the requirements placed on families to qualify for free meals. Financial status is a direct correlation to the hierarchy of families with wealth. People commit crimes every day and in return, receive free room and board along with a hot meal. Starving children leads to many distractions such as loss of concentration, malnutrition, exhaustion, and humiliation, which ultimately results in poor academic performance. Any child attending early childhood education should receive free school meal which in turn will alleviate classroom and distractions and s...
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