The Importance Of Formative Evaluation

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Evaluating student’s competency in the clinical practice setting is challenging for the instructor and students. Nevertheless, for students in the health professions, evaluation of learning takes on various measurements in terms of ensuring students are competent, and can practice safely. Clinical teaching is a critical component of undergraduate nursing programs throughout the world and the evaluation of clinical performance is an integral part of the program. Evaluation of clinical performance is an assessment of whether a learner has achieved the educational outcomes. Healthcare professional students are expected to master course objectives and clinical skills.
This paper is a critique of the effectiveness and ineffectiveness of an evaluation
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Formative evaluation provides students with feedback, observation, self-assessment, curriculum-based measurement and developing portfolios and required clinical competencies. Formative evaluation may be used by instructors to improve their teaching and students to improve their learning. Billings and Halstead (2012) describes formative evaluation as a toll useful in the process to guide revision and facilitates improvements through the use of discussion, feedback and student participation. Formative evaluation may be used as a diagnostic…show more content…
Summative assessments provide essential information about students ' overall learning as well as indications of the quality of classroom instruction. Oermann and Gaberson (2013) states summative evaluations provide a summary of student competencies developed in clinical practice (para. p.239). Summative evaluation is used by the student and instructors to provided improvements. Summative evaluations began and end at a certain period. Strategies used for summative evaluations are short answer, multiple choice, essay and formal papers (Billings & Halstead, 2012).
The evaluation tool does not effectively evaluate student’s clinical performance according to the principle of formative and summative evaluations. It does provide the maximum amount of points students may accumulate. The tool does not evaluate students’ progress in producing positive patient outcomes in any purposeful and systematic manner. Nor does the evaluation tool evaluate the instructor performance at providing effective learning activities that produce positive student
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