The Importance Of Football In High School Football

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Looking across the field, you see all the high school football players walking on the field to practice. Their coach blows the whistle as a warning to hurry up. As you look around you notice that not all the football players are dressed properly. As you’re sitting on the bleachers watching them practice you witness two players get hurt. One player, who was the quarterback, got hurt because he was playing without his pads. The other player got hurt because he was playing in shoes instead of cleats. These accidents could have been avoided if their high school coach would have enforced the proper safety to the team. High school football teams lack the proper safety for their players, which needs to be improved within high school football athletic…show more content…
During practice is where players learn to tackle, punt, hike, and block. Most coaches use shoulders pads during practice because their teaching their players how to tackle or block with pads. Players also learn plays either offense or defense. If a player does not understand something in practice then what’s expected of him or her? Most coaches expect players to ask question for an understanding of the game. Yet not everyone ask questions. The purpose of practice is improving, engaging, understanding, devising, and learning the sport of football. The players aren’t the only ones lacking these skills in practice but also coaches. Coaches lack the right fundamentals, including proper blocking/tackling instruction, lack of conditioning, and lack of communication. All these causes harm to their players. All in all improving the safety of high school players starts in…show more content…
Players are getting tackled by players twice their size. Not only are the getting tackled but being out ran by plays twice as fast as them. How can you not get frustrated by being hit over and over? Not every football player liked to be tackled especially the quarterback and the punter. They two positions are expected to be protected by their linemen which aren’t small players ever. When a player’s anger builds up they react on the field. Football players are known to hurt other players out of anger. This is not safe at all. Players then tend to break bones, get concussions, and even get abrasions (deep cuts). Coaches are supposed to teach football players to control their anger to ensure the safety of other players. Football is a way of defusing anger not infusing it. All in all safety of high school player is simply done by what’s taught amongst the

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