The Importance Of Food And Chocolates

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There are certain foods that helps you get or maintain natural flawless skin. Besides all those wonderful serums and creams that you apply on your skin, food and a healthy lifestyle are some of the things that you may also want to look for. There’s a growing number of research showing that food and diet really affect your complexion. Anything that you eat can affect your hormonal balance, can cause or lessen the formation of pimples, can minimize the signs of aging, and can give you natural flawless skin. Healthy foods work wonders on your skin. These are foods that are basically staple in everybody’s diet, and something that everybody could get. You could also try to mix and match these foods depending on your preference. Red bell pepper…show more content…
Most people think that eating chocolates promotes acne on the skin, and the reason why people may get acne or blemishes with chocolates is that they’re not consuming the right kind of chocolate. The thing is that, you should not buy all those chocolates loaded with sugars or any that doesn’t have at least 65 to 75 percent of cocoa in it. Instead, you have the option to make a homemade chocolate using coconut oil and cocoa. It’s good to make your own chocolate treat because you could make play with the taste and the sweetness by adding dried fruits, nuts, or whichever you prefer. If you’re not a fan of chocolate diet, you could add raw cocoa on your diet instead. The toxins packed in cocoa are good for hydrating your skin. So by consuming good quality raw cocoa or dark chocolate, you would notice that your skin is less rough and scaly. It’s not fattening and it’s actually…show more content…
They are also loaded with beta carotene which converts into vitamin A. Vitamin A increases the cell turnover and is very important for the quality of your skin. You could have your sweet potatoes baked or mashed, whichever tastes best for you. Olive oil, which is rich in antioxidants, should always be consumed raw and never cooked, roasted, baked and fried. You could put it on top of your salad or use it as a dressing on your sandwich instead. Consume it just as it is. The daily consumption of olive oil which would provide you the necessary amount of antioxidants should be two tablespoons. Consuming two tablespoons of olive oil would give fewer signs of aging. Olive oil definitely outdoes other oil like sunflower oil, peanut oil and canola oil. There are so many nuts out there but walnuts are definitely the perfect choice. Walnuts are packed with vitamin E, which is incredibly important for your skin. Vitamin E boosts your immune health and helps fight inflammation and acne. Aside from vitamin E, walnuts also contain alpha-linolenic acid, which prevents you from being prone to eczema. So, you might consider adding walnuts to your diet. It works perfectly as a snack by adding it on your oatmeal and
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