The Importance Of Food

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“My subject is food, which concerns everyone; it is health, which concerns everyone; it is the soil, which concerns everyone - even if he does not realize it, and it is the history of certain recent scientific research linking (these) three vital subjects.” Does being an educated consumer only pertain to the purchase of high-ticket items or should we as consumers apply this theory to everything that we purchase? From the water we drink to the shoes you wear, to the pens you write, technology we use to make life more convenient, to cars we use to commute but most importantly to the fuel we use and I don’t mean the kind you purchase at a gas station. All living organisms need fuel to survive. Plants need water and sunlight to grow, animals need plants or other animals to fuel their energy and humans need to a combination of protein, vegetables and other nutritious supplements to sustain bodies. You are what you eat, it all starts with a simple idea or better yet curiosity, it makes you want to learn which in turn makes you informed. If we take the time to learn every specification about our cell phones, computers, gadgets, cars or whatever drives your interest why not educate yourself about what you use to fuel the most important instrument you will ever use, your body. Recently I began a life-changing journey to change the way that I eat so that I can be healthier, be in better physical shape and look the way that I have always wanted to look. I thought that I was going to achieve these goals simply by going to the supermarket and make better choices when it came to the foods that I was consuming. Last week I was introduced to a documentary called Food Inc. and little did I know that the way I saw food was going to be altered for... ... middle of paper ... ...A is to establish national standards for organics that would be held up state-to-state, clear up labeling confusion educate consumers, what real organics are and to protect consumers and other businesses against organic fraud. Its plain and simple food literally makes up our physical beings; however, the simple act of eating has increasingly become filled with potentially irreparable effects for one’s health and even life. As a result, our ability to judge the safety and healthfulness of foods is as essential as the natural instinct of survival. The ability to properly recognize and choose foods for consumption is fundamentally tied to an informed and educated consumer. After all, as the common adage goes: “you are what you eat.” The fuel we give our body to create energy comes from the food we eat, and in essence, these nutrients becomes the body’s very substance.

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