The Importance Of Fluency Shaping Therapy

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Fluency shaping therapy is a direct approach of stuttering and its basic goal is to achieve fluency, prolonged speech as well as connected speech. This therapy technique trains stutterers to speak more fluently by controlling their phonation, breathing and articulations. The results are described as monotonic, slow and fluent speech. When there are improvements the client is transferred to speak in daily life outside the speech clinic. Modification therapy which is another direct approach focuses on modifying stuttering so that the stutterers are less effortful and easier for the client. The goal of stuttering modification is to avoid behaviours, fears and negative reactions or attitudes when stuttering to decrease tension (Guitar & Peters 1980). Fluency shaping focuses on helping the child to speak more fluently by working with speech motor control skills (Sidavi & Fabus 2010). One of the direct…show more content…
The family focused therapy approach is classified with fluency shaping as well as stuttering modification techniques. Parents focus on normal speech fluency in an environment that the child feels comfortable with, for no negative attitudes. It is important that the child's disfluencies are accepted by the environment the child is in. This treatment refers to children at the age of 2 to 6 years. The aim is to increase children's fluency as well as normal communication skills. The family focused therapy approach involves strategies for both parents and children. Parents though may not be following the therapy program correctly (Yaruss 2006; Blomgren 2013). Although this approach is known to be an indirect approach, it contains both direct and indirect therapy. Parents focus on how to modify their communication behaviours thus it is a therapy program that involves both stuttering modification and fluency shaping approaches, which are direct

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