The Importance Of First Impressions

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We found this article helpful for us, because it clarified our ideas about the definition of first impression. Based on what we read, first impression was defined as the first impact in our minds after we look at something or somebody. There were also other definitions defining first impression but this was more suitable for our paper. Fickling, David. “Research shows first impressions really count” The guardian. 23 August 2006. Web February 9, 2014. This article was a research about the first impressions if whether they count or not. Based on this research, it is said that, the time that people need to make a first impression is only tenth of the second. This research conducted of 200 participants in order to do the experiment. To the participants were shown some photos of different people, and their task was to rank them according how amiable, believable, aggressive they seemed. Results, showed that when they had tenth of second to think, results of their opinions were not different with the time that they had for a whole second Janine Willis and Alexander Todorov. “First Impre...

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