The Importance Of Financial Stability In Poe

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Financial Stability It has been interesting to see how personal and family income represent a sense of security, stability, and importance across both interviewees. Financial income does not display as important to indulge into consumerism, but to provide personal security. One way this is demonstrated is through exploring how financial stability relates to making a person feel safe? When interviewing Poe, she expresses, “Mom wants to know her kids are safe and happy… financially stable for everyone”. This expresses how her mother feels safe, knowing that her children and family have financial stability. This is similar to interviewee Kirstin through the demonstration of how her family feels safe, yet it is evident that financial security is something the family struggles with, “When she (her mother) is financially secure, which she still struggles with. You (Kirstin’s husband, Sean) put a lot of pressure on your financial security and that has a lot to do with your safety. Money makes [Sean] feel safe”. It is…show more content…
Interestingly these two people both have an experience with death that has shaped the way they feel about death and dying. Poe expresses she had a “friend in high school that owned a funeral home - weird - watching them put makeup on a body to get ready for a funeral for people to just cry, seems like an odd process when you’re young”. This experience shaped the way she views the death and dying process as she expresses the disconnect that our society has demonstrated within the process of burials, funerals, and grieving. Kirstin also had a young personal experience with death when she explains, “ Stephanie and Ashley (friends killed in a homicide/ suicide car crash by their father) when I was so young was a big influence on my idea of death… it really causes you to think anything can happen to you at any

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