The Importance Of Film Stardom

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Film stardom has evolved into a standard core of society, so much so, many individuals revolve their own lives around the ability to follow certain film stars not only through their career, but the star’s personal life as well. In the US especially, individuals are obsessed with the climb to fame and celebrities hold so much importance in many of their lives despite the fact the star and their fan have never met face to face, and this is unlikely to change. The draw towards film stardom can fall under multiple explanations that the people themselves might not realize. One reason could be the film stars represent the goal of popularity and adoration a lot of individuals crave themselves; as an actor, more individuals are able to see and recognize…show more content…
In interviews with well-known actors, when asked what made them decide they wanted to follow this career many cite the fact they wanted to share their emotions and experiences to a large audience in order to help those in need through hard times. This answer is fairly common when it comes to those participating in the arts, even though not all originally focus on this aspect, and it is found that those struggling in their lives find art, be it film, illustration, music, dance, etc., as a much needed escape from reality. Modern film culture has grown so immensely it is impossible to go through one’s day without seeing some sort of advertisement for a film or a film star. From a very young age, children are introduced to the “classics” be that the films themselves or the film stars; and even if an individual is unable to find the chance to watch a certain classic film through pop culture references in recent films and television shows they are able to understand what that film was about without having to watch that first and then continue with whatever media they were viewing…show more content…
This is to say not all actors are able to “make it big” enough to be considered apart of stardom, and some may even be acknowledged as a star, as film has advanced other the years it has become even more difficult for those pursuing a career in film to reach the level of success that comes with stardom. Nevertheless, it is still very possible for actors to break from the mold and find their popularity soaring to new heights seen as implausible shortly before. For example, the actress Daisy Ridley started her film career appearing in minor television roles and although some might have taken notice to her then it was unlikely many people would recognize her name as an actress; however, after landing the role of Rey in the newest Star Wars movie, it would be just as unlikely for a person not to recognize her at all as Star Wars is one of those “classics” individuals simply are forced to know about due to how common references to this series of film appear in multiple form of

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