The Importance Of Fast Food Restaurants

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A question often bantered around today is, what is happening to the successful fast food chains of the past, this is a present day quandary of many restaurateurs. Another developing ideology centers on views that the restaurant business is a continuously lucrative business if one has descent food and a good location because people require sustenance. However, a mere glimpse at the sales of a multitude of America’s largest restaurant chains spanning this past decade promptly dispels these thoughts. As the new millennial generation, the eighteen to thirty year range, grows, while, their discretionary income improves; preferences are shifting, as well as, favoring food quality above price. According to Butsunturn (2015), new data from the American Customer Satisfaction Index or ACSI substantiates this very fact with data reflecting that customer satisfaction with full-service restaurants remains constant at 82 points on the ACSI’s 100-point scale criterion.…show more content…
Among the declining giants is Wendy’s Family fast food hamburger establishment, which began in 2008 with 6,645stores, and at the three-year interval Wendy’s touted only 6,576 facilities. Research now indicates that Wendy 's decline in stature may result in it is’ downfall from the top five fast food chains by the year, 2020(Jones, 2015). This eatery catered to a target audience comprised of mainly the baby boomer family generation that grew up on McDonald’s, but wanted something a little fresher, however, today the audience is rapidly declining due to the age factors , as well as, the nutrition and health standards adapted by this generation, as well as the rising millennial
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