The Importance Of Fast Food

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First, humans need drinks, food, and oxygen, which is essential to life. All of them are necessary for each one. Many people believe that overeating is harmful to our health when they consume more of the recommended calories. It can be dangerous if someone eats more than the limit that he required to eat (Beenish, 2014). Maybe you are asking is there anyone can hurt herself/himself?! It is true, there are many people throw themselves facing diseases. Diseases can damage human’s body, and emotions during eating a lot of fast food a day (Must & Strauss, 1999). Of course, many people are offended when they hear that fast food is so harmful. Some people prefer eating fast food because it is ready to eat. They do not know about the side effects…show more content…
(F. Smith, 2012). This means every calories more than 3,000 may affect a human body and gain fat. The body has genes that afford up to 2,400 or 2,035. A recent studies have found people who eat from fast food could gain body mass index (BMI) (Kant, Whitley & Graubard, 2015). A number of calories of fast food have a huge impact of energy (Smith, 2013). Comparing between two children, one of them eat fast food and the other did not. The results show children who eat fast food gain more energy than who did not (Bowman, Gortmaker, Ebbeling, Pereira & Ludwig; 2004). Many people think there is no difference between fast food and food cooked at home. Also they prefer fast food more than home food (Mancino, Todd, Guthrie & Lin; Oct, 2010). Some people like fast food because of fast preparing that take just a moment to be ready to eat and all that at a cheap price. Most people see the preparing food at home is hard and they need time to make a meal, and maybe it is expensive sometimes. Another reason why people choose fast food instead of preparing food at home that each neighborhood has at least two fast food restaurant nearby them (Mancino, et al, October, 2010). For example, children eat at least on hamburger from McDonald’s every day and they consume 12% of harmful calories…show more content…
When children return from school, they directly go to fast food restaurants that are nearby their home. Children want something fast to eat, said Kristi King a senior clinical dietitian “It is part of our fast, go-go culture” (Szabo, 2015). Nowadays, a society growing up and people want everything fast because people have hard work and they tired. When they return from work, they directly think about fast food that how our culture changed. People who eat outside from fast food can gain more than 2,500 calories than who eat from their houses. “Each food away from home meal adds 108 more calories to daily total intake among children ages 13-18 than a snack or meal from home” (Mancino, et al, October, 2010). In other words, fast food contains a lot of chemical materials whereas home food could be organic. People want something very fast for quick life. They do not have much time for preparing a home meal. However, when people know how many fast food is harmful, they may change their minds, and start preparing food at home. Now, people must know what harmful food is for them, and have to stop eating cheap food. For example, a delicious sandwich that people see on commercial ads for fast food consisting of
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