The Importance Of Family Support For Older People

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Aging is an unavoidable and irreversible change as a result of demographic transition in all societies. Family support for the elderly people has become a very important issue in examining the overall well-being of the elderly people. Family support is playing a key role in determining the quality of life (QOL) of the aged people. Elderly women have larger social networks outside the work environment than those of men (Tough et al.., 2012). Family as a social institution is closest and its influence can be felt in everyday life (Health Canada, 2004). It is a place where a person finds and expects the most encouragement, comfort and security and help if needed. “Health is where home is” Canadian Nurses Association (CNA). I choose to write on “importance of family support and home based care for healthy aging”. I am interested to learn about the topic because it is the emerging issue in…show more content…
It is found that family support is strongly associated with happiness, signifying that family relationship plays a vital role in QOL (North et al, 2008). Society today is shifting away from formal institutional care and creating an increased demand for family or informal care of the elderly (Health Canada, 2004). Family care is an inexpensive alternative to long term care institutions. Family care and support are seen an important factor of physical, mental, social and spiritual wellbeing among the older population (Antonucci et al, 2006). Family support influences an elderly person’s quality of life and those who have supportive social networks have better physical and mental health than those older people who do not have meaningful ties with others and family (Berkman, 1995). Throughout this course I learned that every individual, regardless of their age should be given autonomy about living their life, which enhance healthy

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